Homework 5
Due Mon. 5/19: Reread Ch 8 and study packet of notes to prepare for a quiz next week
Due Wed. 5/24: Study Ch 8 in book and WSs to prepare for quiz

 Social Studies Due Tues. 5/23: Get Colonial cities, towns, & plantations quiz signed
Due Fri. 5/26: Complete all activities on slavery in the colonies
Due Wed. 5/31: Finish reading pages 241-243 in textbook and complete lesson 2 section in packet of notes.
Due Mon. 6/5: Read pgs 246-251 on The French & Indian War. Complete packet of notes.
 English: Due Wed. 4/26: Memorize Being Verbs: am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been
Due Mon. 5/1: Memorize Helping Verbs
Due Wed. 5/17: Study verb notes; Finish Linking Verbs packet

Due Wed. 5/24: IXL Gr. 5  L.3  SmartScore 95-100%
Due Fri. 5/26: Holt wkbk pg 29 evens or Practice C WS evens. SHOW WORK
Due Tues. 5/30: Holt wkbk pg 30 evens  or Practice C WS evens SHOW WORK
Due Wed. 5/31: wkbk pg 31 evens or Practice C WS evens SHOW WORK
Due Thurs. 6/1: wkbk pg 32 evens SHOW WORK
Due Fri. 6/2: Review WS both sides
Due Mon. 6/5: wkbk pg 33 evens SHOW WORK
Due Tues. 6/6: wkbk pg 34 ALL SHOW WORK

Science: Animal Adaptations project due Tues. 2/28
Due Wed. 3/1: PREPARE & PRACTICE presentation
Due Tues. 4/11: Get Brain Check signed
Due Thurs. 4/27: Read and complete Food Chain WS
Due Tues. 5/8: Study for ecosystems quiz (study the flashcards you made in school).
Due Mon. 5/15: Get Ecosystems Quiz signed
Due Mon. 6/5: Get Ecosystems Brain Check signed
Reading Due Thurs. 5/25: Skill Practice WS #6
Due Fri. 5/26: Complete role sheet for Ch 14-16
Due Wed. 5/31: Complete role sheet for Ch 17-19

Quarter 4 Reading Logs are due Wed. May 31
Due Thurs. 6/1: Skill WS #7
Due Fri. 6/2: Finish Lit Cir role sheet. Complete Skill WS # 8




Due Tues. 5/2: Study pg 36. Write derivatives for words.
Due Tues. 5/8: pg 37 A, C, D

Due Thurs. 5/18: Bring a magazine or something with pictures of people‚Äč