Our private Catholic school curriculum ensures that all students have a religion class in which the truths and traditions of the Catholic Faith are taught. Students learn about the Church, the Sacraments, Prayer, and our central form of worship — the Mass. Daily school-wide and classroom prayer, weekly school liturgies and regular opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, study of God’s word, and the seeking of forgiveness of one another and service to the poor all help foster the student’s formation in Christian character and help them emerge from Mother of God School bearing the light of Christ to the world in their personal and professional lives.

Daily Prayer

Each morning the students prayerfully offer the actions of their day to the Lord. Regularly the school receives requests for prayers from relatives of the students, friends of Mother of God Community members, and others who know that the children really will pray for them! Each morning these intentions are offered in classrooms and over the PA. The end of the day is punctuated with a short prayer and a reminder of God’s love.

Weekly Liturgy

Mass is celebrated weekly with the whole school. Students in grades K-8 share in serving as lectors, altar servers, readers of the Prayers of the Faithful and gift bearers. The students are able to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at school during Advent and Lent. We are fortunate to have a parish church just across the street from the school and the priests associated with the parish have presided at Mass with the students and have been active in the life of the school.

Connecting with the Faith

Daily, before the students arrive, the faculty and staff pray together for the students and for each other. Teachers make connections with their students between concepts in the curriculum and various aspects of our faith, including seeing the glory, majesty, order and love of God throughout the day.

Liturgical Celebrations Include:

  • All Saints Day Service
  • Thanksgiving Prayer Service – celebrated the day before Thanksgiving break
  • Eucharistic Praise and Adoration Holy Hour
  • Lenten Agape Meal during Holy Week
  • May Crowning – in honor our Mary, Our Mother and patroness of the school

Students bringing flowers to Mary, the Mother of God during our annual May Crowning celebration.