The athletics program at Mother of God School seeks to provide our student-athletes with the opportunity to develop their skills and to learn to work with and respect teammates, coaches, and opponents while demonstrating good sportsmanship at all times.

Physical Education

Mother of God has physical education classes for pre-K through eighth grade.  Kindergarten through fifth meet twice a week, and the other grades meet once a week.  Our curriculum teaches organized sports, games, heart rate, why we exercise, and for the middle school we also discuss healthy lifestyle. Students rave about our fun and engaging physical education classes. 

Race for Education 

Our annual fall fundraiser is an event for the whole family! We encourage all parents and siblings to come participate in our fun run to raise money for need based scholarships. Often praised as the most fun day at school, students, teachers, family, and friends get to put their physical education to the test! See our Race for Education page for more information

Catholic Youth Organization 

CYO is an Archdiocesan sponsored after school sports program. Mother of God offers the following CYO sports: basketball, track and field, and cross-country.  Our athletic leagues are a great way to develop skills, build camaraderie, practice sportsmanship, and have a LOT of fun.  

Mother of God School Sports

We are currently offering an instructional soccer program in the spring for PreK-5th grade.