Cross Country Running is a wonderful sport offering a multitude of benefits to our students.  Through our cross country program, students are able to challenge themselves on an individual level as they work toward personal goals and personal bests, but also work together as a team to support, encourage and challenge each other to do accomplish what they may have never thought they could! 
Improved strength, stamina, muscle development, increased lung capacity,and self-discipline are just some of the benefits, but the most important benefit is FUN! Our team looks forward to running and training together and using up some energy after the school day ends. 


Mother of God School cross country team begins training in mid-August. Our team is open to all students in grades K-8 and is open to homeschoolers and members of St. John Neumann, and surrounding parishes.
We practice 2 days per week after school, competing at 6 meets on Sundays at 12:30pm at various locations.  There is a culminating Championship meet at the end of the season. 
8U – 1 mile
11U – 2 miles
14U – 2 miiles
Cost is $125.00 per student. Scholarships are available – contact Lily Schellhase at