Mother of God School works to be affordable for all families!

  • Tuition set at our cost per student
  • Multi-Child Discount
    • 2 siblings = $450 each student
    • 3 siblings = $1,275 each student
    • 4 siblings = $1,675 each student
    • 5 siblings = $2,075 each student
  • Need-Based Tuition Assistance
  • Tuition Tuition Assistance through the Archdiocese (ADW), State of Maryland-BOOST, Private donors & 10% of our budget for School provided assistance for our families.

Need-Based Tuition Assistance

Marbles and Pumpkin Patch Mazes

New Families Wishing to Apply for Financial Assistance

Applications can be submitted at the TADS website using this link.

For more information about the Mother of God School Tuition Assistance opportunities and other private tuition assistance programs, please contact our school office at (301) 990-2088, Ext. 12.

For Archdiocesan programs, please contact the Assistant Director for Funding Educational Resources: (301) 853-5356.