The Campus

The Middle School is located on the main level and the upper level of the Main School Building.  Our classrooms face a peaceful and serene courtyard reminiscent of an old-world convent garden.  This sense of peace definitively pervades our classrooms and contributes to the calm and joyous experience of our middle school students.

Small Class Sizes

Middle school students especially benefit from small class sizes.  Adolescence is such a turbulent time, a time for developing a sense of who one is and testing that concept against reality.  Small Class sizes, in addition to the academic benefits they offer, afford students a secure and supportive environment to grow into themselves and come to a real understanding of themselves and others.  With small classes, students are able to get to know a range of people from various backgrounds on a deep and personal level.  There is no room for stereotyping or cliques since all aspects of the student’s day lend to the development of personal relationships.  Students are invited to try new things without fear of rejection by their peers. Our students say over and over again how they feel that their classmates are their family. All are appreciated for who they are and are encouraged in their exploration of their talents and interests.

Subject Teachers

Middle School Students at Mother of God begin to switch classrooms and teachers for different subjects. Our students begin in a homeroom, but separate out for Math, Social Studies, English, Spanish and Science based on individual level and ability.  Due to our small class sizes, students are able to level up, or down, based on their personal abilities and interests in each academic subject.  Gifted students are able to benefit from guided independent study and students who struggle with a subject are able to benefit from more personal instruction as well as our academic support resources, including one-on-one tutoring.  Our teachers use a variety of testing methods to ensure that all students are progressing at appropriate rates and are able to diagnose gaps in learning and quickly remedy them.  Additionally, our middle school students benefit from our specialty art, music, IT, drama, spanish and P.E. programs to round our their education.


Our middle school students are, on average, ahead of their peers in public schools. Mother of God School offers an accelerated program which challenges our students, but also provides the right level of support to ensure that all students are able to succeed.  Our faculty work together closely to collaborate on cross-curricular projects using a Project-Based Learning model similar to an International Baccalaureate model.  Faculty communicate to ensure that the workload remains balanced and homework and longer-term projects culminate at different times.  Our Middle School students excel academically and are equipped to go on to attend their choice of high schools in the Washington DC Area, including Georgetown Preparatory School, The Academy of the Holy Cross, Gonzaga College High School, Connolley School of the Holy Child, The Heights School, Oakcrest School, St. John’s Catholic Prep, as well as highly competitive Magnet Programs of Montgomery County Public Schools.