Mrs. Greenwell

Cast/Crew of Drama Club meet Wednesdays from 3:30-4:45 in the LIBRARY. Bring your scripts, a pencil, and a highligter.


Mrs. Rabil

Race For Education Logos Due: Wednesday, October 23. The logo MUST be uploaded to Google Classroom and a hard copy given to Mrs. Rabil

Mrs. Lombardi

Lesson 1 :  Preparing to Write a Complete Essay, pages 10-12 are due Friday, 9.13.

See Google Classroom for an writing activity on the power of music! Due Monday, 9.23.

Writing a Conclusion/Organizing your Essay into a final draft.  Final draft is due Thursday, Sept. 19 in a Google Document and SHARED with me.

Mrs. Lombardi

9.12 – Literary Glossary of Terms should be cut out and added to your Literature Notebooks.  Go to your mogschool email account and find my email with a link for joining my Quizlet classroom.  Access the terms and spend fifteen minutes reviewing them.  Hightlight any terms you are very familiar with as we procede through the school year.  Make a plan to learn two or three new terms each week.  (Quizzes are coming!)

Readworks article-a-day can be found at readworks.org/student. Use your Google Account to access the reading assignments.  It includes a series of articles about the ancient site of Petra.  Take notes in the Notes section.  Include three things you learned from each article.  Use complete sentences.  Deadline is next week (Tuesday, Sept. 24)

Math, Pre-Algebra:
Mrs. Greenwell

Please see Google Classroom for all homework and assignments


Mrs. Greenwell

Sunday reading college due Wednesday 9/11/19 – details on Classroom 

Please see Google Classroom for all homework and assignments

PBL Project  

Math 7:

Mr. Davy


Mrs. Greenwell

Please see Google Classroom for all homework and assignments

Social Studies:
Mrs. Schellhase


Complete Readworks assignment by September 11, Wednesday

Due Monday, September 16 – Read and take notes on Module 14, Lesson 2. 

Due Wednesday, September 18 – complete ALL the questions on page 477, Lesson 1 Assessment.

If you are working on your chromebook or computer, pull up the ebook where it has the lessons listed, and then under the resource area find the pdf file for the book.  It is exactly like the book in this form.



Mrs. Schellhase

Bring your notebook to PE on September 17, 2019.

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