Emergency Weather

Mother of God School follows the Emergency Weather closing and delay announcements of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).  Visit the MCPS website to see weather-related messages.


If Mother of God School has a half day and a two hour delay is announced for MCPS, MOGS school will be cancelled.

Other Activities

If there is a delay, morning-only preschool and any before school activities (e.g., chess club) are cancelled, and morning day care will open on a delayed basis (e.g., for a two hour delay, morning care will open two hours late). Please note: Advanced Band and Advanced Math WILL be held on a delayed basis as applicable.


If school closes early due to inclement weather conditions, After Care will be open but we do ask parents to come as soon as possible so that our staff can have extra time to get home safely.


Additionally, while infrequent, if MCPS has a scheduled day off (e.g., teacher professional day) which differs from the MOGS schedule, then MOGS will follow weather announcements made by the Archdiocese of Washington.

Visit the MCPS website to see weather-related messages. Emergency Weather Notifications will be clearly marked (usually in red) near the top of the page.