Cross Country




At Mother of God School
Boys & Girls!!
Join our cross country team
To have fun with friends and
To compete against other
Schools in the area!
Sign up for the team!
Bring this form to the first
Practice or send to the office with a check payable to MOGS
On Thursday, August 23, 2018
Practice will be Thursdays (grades 5-8) starting August 23 at 3:30
Practice will be Wednesdays (grades K-4) starting September 10 at 3:30
COST: $50/runner
Ages 8 and under – 1 mile
Ages 11 and under – 2 miles
Ages 14 and under 2 miles
Age determined by as of August 31, 2020
Looking for both boys and girls
Boys and girls run separately at meets
Uniforms gray shirt/navy blue shorts/school PE uniform
Meets are Sunday afternoon-different locations
Contact: Lily Schellhase