The comprehensive arts & music program at Mother of God School gives students the opportunity to develop their talents, self-expression, and creativity. Whether in the classroom or in after-school activities students are encouraged to explore their artistic interests while at our school.


Students explore the visual arts through weekly art classes. All students in Kindergarten-Grade 8 participate in weekly art classes which provide instruction in various media and techniques.


Weekly music class gives students an exposure to a variety of instruments, music theory, vocal music, introductory composition, and music history. Students in 3rd-8th grade can participate in our Mass Choir which practices after school, for school liturgies. All students also participate in the annual Christmas Pageant, a Mother of God School beloved tradition. Check out more information on our Music Program page! 


Mother of God school participates in an award-winning Instrumental Band program with the Archdiocese of Washington. Our band program provides students in Grades 4th-8th with the opportunity to receive weekly instrument lessons and perform at concerts. The lessons are during the school day. For more information look to the Archdiocesan Band Program website.  


Each year middle school students stage a full theater production. Students are involved in all aspects of production including performance, costumes, make-up, lighting and sound. This after-school activity allows students to develop their dramatic and vocal talents while also helping them to grow in confidence and build their leadership and communication skills. See our Drama Program Page for more information.

Music Program


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