Here are many of the songs we sing in our school liturgy.  The style of the video is usually different than how we do it, but you can use the video to learn the melody.

 Artist Youtube Video
 Entrance Songs    
 Come, Now is the Time to Worship  Doerkson  video
 Gather Us In  Haugen  video
 Gather Your People  Hurd  video
 Glory and Praise to Our God  Schutte  video
 He is Exalted  Paris  video
 Hosanna  Tuttle  video
 Lift Up Your Hearts  O’Connor  video
 Open Up the Heavens  Meredith Andrews  video
 Our God  Tomlin  video
 Salvation Belongs to Our God  Howard and Turner  video
 Unto the House of the Lord  Bagniewski  video
 Offertory Songs    
 All Who Are Thirsty  Brown, Robertson  video
 Come Into My Heart  Cowan  
 Hosea  Norbet  video
 I Have Loved You  Joncas  video
 I Give You My Heart  Morgan  video
 Open My Eyes  Manibusan  video
 Open the Eyes of My Heart  Baloche  video
 Prayer of St. Francis  Temple  video
 Take, Lord, Receive  Foley  video
 The Word is a Lamp  Smith  video
 Be Exalted O God  Chambers  video
 Be Not Afraid  Dufford  video
 Blest Are They  Haas  video
 Christ, Be Our Light  Farrell  video
 Come to the Water  Foley  video
 For You Are My God  Foley  video
 Gift of Finest Wheat  Westendorf  video
 Here I Am, Lord  Schutte  video
 I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light  Thomerson  video
 On Eagle’s Wings  Joncas  video
 Once Again  Redman  video
 One Bread, One Body  Foley  video
 Singing Hallelujah  Cowan  
 Table of Plenty  Schutte  video
 Taste and See  Moore  video
 The Cry of the Poor  Foley  video
 The Cup of Life Outpoured  Cowan  video
 The Summons  Fisher  video
 This is Jesus  Cowan  
 We Are the Light of the World  Greif  video
 You Are My All in All  Jernigan  video
 You Are Near  Schutte  video
 Blessed Be Your Name  Redman  video
 Forever  Tomlin  video
 Go Make a Difference  Angrisano  video
 How Can I Keep From Singing  Lowry  video
 I Will Call Upon the Lord  O’Shields  video
 I Cannot Tell It All  Booth, Bailey  
 Our God Reigns  Smith  video
 Shout to the Lord  Zschech  video
 That Where I Am  Mullins  video
 You Never Let Go  Redman  video
 Hail Mary: Gentle Woman  Landry  video
 Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above  Traditional  video
 Immaculate Mary  Traditional  video