It wasn’t too long ago that Catholic education was very inexpensive because the teaching and administration was done by religious, priests, and sisters.

At most Catholic schools these days the teaching and school administration is done by professional lay people, so the costs of a Catholic education have inevitably gone up.

We understand the sacrifices that many families have to make in order to provide a Catholic education for their children – many of our staff and faculty are making the same sacrifices to send their children to Catholic schools!  We promise to do every thing we can to provide a quality education and keep costs as low as possible.


Fortunately, our school has been blessed with a large community of families, friends, sponsors, and supporters to help us further the course of Catholic education.

To help support our school, families collect cereal box tops, clip package labels, and do their shopping with gift cards.

We thank YOU for your support and for sending your children to Mother of God School!

To see the community businesses that are helping to support Catholic education visit our sponsors’ page.