This is a wonderful school.  I have 2 children enrolled and have been very pleased with the school.  Wonderful teachers and fantastic leadership.

I have 3 kids in this school, two already graduated and are doing very well in a high school STEM program.  The school was very supportive when they were beyond the grade level in math and science and accommodated them with advanced classes and they had fun with the Project-Based Learning assignment.  MOGS has a religion program with classes and mass which I believe help young kids develop a caring outlook.

Our 5 year old son began school this fall in the public school system.  There were 27 kids in his class and he was lost.  The small class size at MOGS attracted us there, but the warmth and faith-based programs have kept us here.  We are ecstatic that we found such a warm school where teachers put in extra effort to meet the needs of each student.  Our twins will start preschool there next year.

I have had kids in this school for 22 years K-8 and I love the school.  Our children have all gotten a superb education.  Their teachers have been very caring.  The religion program includes weekly mass and a strong presentation of the faith.  I highly recommend the school.