Mr. Miller

Dear Mother of God School Families,

Welcome to Mother of God School!

As a father of 5 children who attended and graduated from our awesome school, I was honored to become the President in 2015.  Over the course of my 26 years with the school I have served on the School Board, taught classes, waxed floors, constructed sidewalks, overseen building expansion and physical plant renovations!

Prior to becoming President and Principal of the school, I had launched three successful businesses in automotive supply chain, commercial real estate development, and labor contracting.  At the age of 48 I sold my largest business to a Fortune 500 company and discerned that God was calling me in a new direction!

I love our school and its mission.  If people make an organization, then we are a great organization, because the faculty and staff of this school are superb.  Collectively, they hold 15 advanced degrees, decades of teaching experience, and energetic dedication.  They are here because they live the mission and they love this school.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller with Cardinal Wuerl

Educational excellence is our goal. This means teaching students how to think, how to learn, how to study; how to reason, to write, and how to communicate well. Science and technology are essential to 21st century learning – but not to the neglect of a strong liberal arts education that develops strong reason, logic and communication skills. Mother of God School continues building strong math and science programs while also focusing heavily on the Humanities.

I want to hear from you! Call me, email me, catch me at carpool or at various school functions. I want to know what you like and what you don’t like. I want your ideas and suggestions. Mother of God School is your school.

W. Hall Miller
Mother of God School
(301) 990-2089 x 33