P.E. is Monday and Wednesday. 

Mrs. Rabil


Language Arts:


Math: 10/7 Q1W7 Math sheet due Friday



EVERY DAY-Read 15-20 minutes and complete your reading log.  Reading logs are due on Mondays.  


10/10 The second grade has a worksheet on the  10 Commandments for HW tonight.  
I also sent home a few sheets for you to keep at home and review them with your children often.  Please keep this in an important place at home. YOU WILL NEED THESE SOON AS THEY LEARN HOW TO EXAM THEIR CONSCIENCES. They need to be familiar with what each commandment is telling us and these papers will assist you in doing this. 


Social Studies:


Practice spelling words that are in your homework folder using your spelling menu! Make sure you complete 20 points worth of activities by Friday and turn them in.  Spelling Test is this Friday, 10/4.  Please keep your Words their Way list in your homework folder to use during class as well.  

Sra. Breiner


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