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Friday, October 11, 2019

Dear Parents, 

Thanks for all of your help and support today at the Race for Education! We couldn’t have done it without you!!!

No homework this weekend!!! Enjoy your 3-day weekend-See you on Tuesday.

Here are some pictures from the Race for Education:

Excited for the Race

At the starting Line w/ their Buddies

Third Grade Winners!


Here is an updated  list of parent volunteers for the year:

Class Parents:

Shannon Staub 

Kathleen & Louis Colter

Race for Education Snacks:

Lorena Santa Cruz

Corine Kabwasa

Veronica Greenwell

Robyn Davy

Martha Guardado

Bienvenu Bahati

Race for Ed.-Set-up & Helpers:

Shannon Staub

Robyn Davy

Bienvenu Bahati

Louis Colter

Globalfest Volunteers:

Lorena Cruz

Charles Duncan

Corine Kabwasa

Veronica Coto Monge

Valentin Ivis Umanzor

Kathleen Colter

Field Trip Volunteers:

Shannon Staub

Lorena Santa Cruz

Veronica B. Coto Monge

Robyn Davy

Iatrumata Diallo

Louis Colter

Thank you all for most generously volunteering your time to our students!!!

God bless you,

Mrs. Paskill

Mrs. Rabil



Language Arts:


Mrs. Fleming








Social Studies:

Spelling: This is a test-Complete pp. 52-53

Sra. Breiner


HW Due Monday

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