Mrs. Halbach


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LINK to Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/class/11565500/

Mrs. Rabil

Doodle for Google work due 3/10

see  Google Classroom



Due Wed. 3/11: Read over both outline packets to review info


Topic 7 Test Wed. 3/11

Due Wed. 3/12: Look over pgs. 188-189 practice test; redo the problems (esp. those you struggled with in class)

Due Tues. 3/10: Complete pg. 188 of Topic 7 Practice Test

Due Mon. 3/9: 7-7 Problem Solving: Multiple Step problems WS SHOW WORK

Due Thurs. 3/5: Some students needs to finish CW (Dividing Decimals Coloring- problems only); Other students complete Dividing Decimals with Rounding Quotient WS SHOW WORK to prove answer

Due Wed. 3/4: P 7-6 Divide Decimals by Decimals WS SHOW WORK (problems were copied on lined paper to show work in 2 columns)

Due Tues. 3/3: P 7-5 Divide Whole # by Decimal WS (Circled Problems) SHOW WORK; Get Topic 6 test signed

Due Mon. 3/2: IXL Gr. 5 J. New! Divide Decimals using blocks: complete equation   80% SmartScore


Mrs. Fleming


Kid Friendly Dictionary/Thesaurus


3/12: Wonder Parts 5-8 Comprehension Quiz; 3/16 Wonder Vocab Quiz

Due Thurs. 3/12: Reread Parts 5-8 of Wonder and/or read over comprehension questions to prepare for comprehension quiz

Due Wed. 3/11: Complete “Most Anticipated Moments” pg in packet

Due Mon. 3/9: Finish Qs for pgs 284-310

Due Thurs. 3/5: Finish questions for pgs 273-283; Define Vocab for pgs 284-295

Due Wed. 3/4: Finish Questions for pgs 261-272

Due Tues. 3/3: Finish Questions for pgs 250-260; Complete Vocab for pgs. 261-272



Class Code: 4CV7RM


Due Mon. 3/16: Lenten Tracker # 3 WS

Due Mon. 3/9: Lenten Tracker #2 WS

Due Mon. 3/2: Lenten Tracker WS

Due Wed. 2/26: Finish Lenten Promise/Commitment WS


Due Wed. 3/4: Finish coloring parts for photosynthesis model if needed

Social Studies:

Due Wed. 3/4: Finish Classwork on de Soto (Reading passage and answering all questions)



Due Thurs. 3/12: Practice A WS

Due Wed. 3/11: 3 x each CURSIVE for misspelled words pg.162

Due Tues. 3/10: Proofreading WS; Study for test

Due Fri. 3/6: Practice B WS

Due Thurs. 3/5: Practice A WS

Due Wed. 3/4: 3 x each CURSIVE for misspelled words pg. 150


Due Tues. 3/17: Vocab del cuerpo humano worksheet

Due Tues. 3/10: Write a sentence for each sport on handout- whether you like or do not like the sport

Due Fri. 2/28: Facts learned for Living Wax Museum

Due Tues. 2/25: Los Deportes

Work on Wax Museum research 

Due Tues. 1/28: Complete pizza activity

Due Tues. 1/21: Finish matching and word search for those who didn’t do it

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