Mrs. Halbach

Fri. 6/7: Last day of School; 9 am Mass @ SJN; 11 am School Picnic; 12:30 Dismissal

Mrs. Rabil

DUE: Monday, March 4  Sketchbook Assignment

  1. Finished Optical illusion in Color Pencil
  2. Completed line and shape page in color
  3. Any drawing of choice for extra credit


Assigned 5/31: Simple Subjects/Simple Predicates WS

Assigned 5/29: Subject/Predicate & Types of Sentences WS both sides DUE Fri.

Assigned 5/17: Outline for “Corn” passage- Use notes from other outline activities to help you.


Assigned 5/31: Add/Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denom. WS SHOW WORK

Assigned 5/30: Mixed # & Improper Fractions WS SHOW WORK

Assigned 5/29: Finish Coordinate Graphing activity

Assigned 5/28: Finish IXL to 80% if needed; Look over p. 160 & p.180 practice problems we did in Holt book

Assigned 5/24: Finish Holt p. 180 # 1-12, 17; Begin IXL Review Work: Gr. 6 E.4, E.5, E.7, I.3, I.4, I.12 (70%)  Quiz WED.


Mrs. Fleming


Assigned 5/31: Finish Annotating Sound Devices WS

Reading Log Due Wed. 5/29

Assigned 5/28: Reread “Casey at the Bat” at least 2 times. Comprehension Quiz Thurs.

Assigned 5/22: Finish “Annotate Figurative Language” WS 


Assigned 5/13: Session 8 Quiz DUE Wed. 5/15



Social Studies:

Assigned 5/31: Finish Colonial Town Activity

Assigned 5/24: Complete 2 review WSs on first colonial settlements & Complete Lesson 1: Working & Trading WS 

Assigned 5/21: Add facts to Triple Venn Diagram DUE Thurs.

Assigned 5/20: Study map of 13 Colonies & 4 main settlements for Quiz THURS. 5/23



Sra. Ordonez

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