Mrs. Halbach


Mrs. Rabil

Sketchbooks Due: Tuesday, January 7th

Complete three (3) sketches in black marker from the abstract line handout. Upload to your google classroom

Upload ALL of your 2nd quarter sketchbook prompts to your google classroom


Due Fri. 11/22: IXL Language Arts Assignment

Gr. 5 MM.3 & MM.10 to 95% (adverbs)

Gr. 6 EE.9 & EE.10 to 80% (adverbs)


Due Thurs. 12/5: Patterns WS (Number patterns)

Due Wed. 12/4: Compare & Order Decimals Level WS

Due Tues. 12/3: Compare & Order Decimals  WS

Due Mon. 12/2: Decimal Forms Worksheets 

Due Tues. 11/26: Whirling Triangles place value coloring activity

Due Mon. 11/25: Finish P 1-2 Tenths/Hundredths WS (use notes); Finish decimal pumpkin if needed

Due Fri. 11/22: Decimal Forms WS

Due Thurs. 11/21: Tenths/Hundredths WS Only highlighted ones



Mrs. Fleming


Due Wed. 12/4: Read Works “Walking Tall” article and questions

Due Tues. 12/3: Satchel Paige Vocab WS

Due Tues. 11/26: Review response written in class on what makes Thunder Rose a tall tale to prepare for test; study vocab and homonym notes

Due Mon. 11/25: Study Thunder Rose vocab and homonym notes


Class Code: 4CV7RM


Due Thurs. 12/5: Advent Wreath WS

Over break, read your Thanksgiving Litany at a family meal.

Due Tues. 11/26: finish editing saint report using checklist






Social Studies:

*You should be reviewing what we have learned about Native Americans: outline and review worksheets. A test will be coming and you do not want to procrastinate.

Due Wed. 11/20: Finish NW Coast Review WS (from class)

Due Wed. 11/13: Finish reading pgs. 88-90 in text and complete SW Desert portion of outline packet (Assigned Mon. 11/11)

Due Thurs. 11/7: Finish buffalo hide story activity if needed

Due Mon. 11/4: Read outline info on Eastern Woodlands & Great Plains Native Americans 2 times



Due Thurs. 12/5: Practice A WS

Due Wed. 12/4: 3 x each CURSIVE for misspelled words on Unit 9 pre-test (p.66)


Due Tues. 12/3: Letter Soups WS

Due Tues. 11/26: Weather WS

Due Tues. 11/19: Study the weather WS

Dues Tues. 11/12: Study notes on numbers, days of the week, and months of the year

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