Mrs. Halbach


Help fund engaging activities for the class. See the link above.


DUE Tues 1/14: Get Participation/Work Rubric signed

Mrs. Rabil

DUE: MONDAY JANUARY 16:  Students must “JOIN” the 5th grade Google Classroom

Directions: 1. sign in, 2. click on waffle top right corner, 3. locate 5th-grade art class and “JOIN” the class

Sketchbooks Due: Tuesday, January 7th

Complete three (3) sketches in black marker from the abstract line handout. Upload to your google classroom

Upload ALL of your 2nd quarter sketchbook prompts to your google classroom




Due Mon. 1/27: Read over Study Guide for Topic 2; study practice test problems, especially those you struggled with

Due Fri. 1/23: P 2-8 Multiple Step Word Problems WS

Due Thurs. 1/22: Complete +/- Decimal Word Problems WS (if needed)


Mrs. Fleming


Kid Friendly Dictionary/Thesaurus


Due Mon. 1/27: Finish Vocab for Part 2 pgs 82-92

Due Fri. 1/24: Study Vocab for Wonder Part 1 (Quizlet)


Due Thurs. 1/23: Finish rereading Part 1 or study comprehension questions to prepare for quiz tomorrow. Vocab Quiz on Fri. (Use Quizlet)

Due Wed. 1/22: Finish pgs 68-80 Questions; Reread at least half of Part 1 to prepare for comprehension quiz on Thurs; Vocab Quiz on Part 1 on Fri.


Class Code: 4CV7RM


Due Wed. 1/22: Finish wkbk pg 19 (if needed); Finish Old Testament Leaders WS if needed

Due Wed. 1/9: Finish Modern Day Gift activity; Color


Due Thurs. 1/23: Finish Respiratory System activity 

Social Studies:

Link to Quizlet for Maps Unit: https://quizlet.com/_5wzr3b?x=1jqt&i=10tyn3




Due Tues. 1/28: Proofreading WS; study for test

Due Fri. 1/24: Practice B WS

Due Thurs. 1/23: Practice A WS

Due Wed. 1/22: 3 x each CURSIVE for misspelled words; p. 102


Due Tues. 1/28: Complete pizza activity

Due Tues. 1/21: Finish matching and word search for those who didn’t do it

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