Homeroom Matters

Grandparents’ Day is November 22 from 10 am-Noon.  Please invite you grandparents or someone in your life who is like a grandparent.  Return your invitation so we can make plans.

Mrs. Rabil

First Quarter Sketchbook Assignment Due: Wednesday, October 23  see Google Classroom for more information and materials,  ALL Sketchbook assignments MUST be uploaded to the Google Classroom Page for credit.

Mrs. Lombardi

Grammar Lesson 9 Review Set #1-30 due Thursday, 11.14.

IXL Y is due Monday 11.18.


Mrs. Lombardi

Percy Jackson. Illustrations are due WITH CAPTIONS on Friday, 11.15. 

Readworks.org – Two articles have been assigned on Google Classroom.

“A Monument for Peace” is due Wednesday, November 13.

“The Code of Hammurabi” is due Tuesday, November 19.

Mr. Davy

Online Math Textbook: https://my.hrw.com/

Workbook p. 21 (check answers in gmail)

Chapter 3 Test on Tuesday 2/15


Math, Pre-Algebra:
Mrs. Greenwell

Please see Google Classroom for all homework and assignments

Mrs. Fleming


PBL Project


Mrs. Lombardi

Read Chapters 12, 15, 16, 18, 22 of Genesis this week.

Read to discover the three promises God makes to Abraham as well as the great test God gives him  Why is Abraham called our “father in faith”?  What is Sarai’s sorrow?  How does Abraham respond when God promises him a child?  What does he name his son?  



Mrs. Greenwell

Please see Google Classroom for all homework and assignments

Return permission slip for field activity. Due 11.5.19

Social Studies:


November 13, 2019 – Read Module 4 Lesson 3 and take notes.  Notes will be checked.

November 25, 2019- Turn in Pyramid.  The students are to make a 3D pyramid using any materials they want.  They also need to research the building of pyramids during the Egyptian Reign as well as tell me about their project.


Mrs. Schellhase

Due November 6, 2019 – Write a one page paper on your favorite sports person.  It needs to be double-spaced, 12 font, neat, clean.




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