Mr. Davy



  • Due NOV. 13th  (2) Forced Perspective Photos uploaded to shared drive
  • Due Dec. 18th   Sketchbook assignment: (1) Op Art Drawing finished in color, (2) Finished feather in color (3) Drawing of choice.   These MUST be uploaded to the google classroom and attached. The following week Hard copies are to be turned in.
  • See GOOGLE CLASSROOM for All assignments and handouts.
  • Baby pictures of students can be scanned and emailed to Mrs. Rabil


Mr. Davy

NCAA Essay due Wednesday 3/27

COmplete 3 quick writes for you narrative assignment 



Mr. Davy



Math, Algebra:
Mrs. Stoolmiller

Math, Pre-Algebra:
Mrs. Greenwell

Chapter 8: TEXTBOOK PAGE 404 #8-16, 21, 27-30.  

Students should work to get 100% in the following IXL:

  • Q1, EE1, EE3, EE9 
  • J3, J9
  • F 14, 15, 16, 18

Mrs. Fleming

Finish biography report for Music by Friday 1/25


Mrs. Rabil

Mr. Davy





Mrs. Greenwell

Draft Prototype due Wednesday May 1. 

Complete writing the Design Process (pages 2 and 3) of Rubric due Friday, May 3.  (http://static.nsta.org/ecybermission-files/Rubric%20-%20Engineering%20Design%20Process.pdf )

Social Studies:
Mr. Davy

Complete p. chapter 16 section 3 quiz


Lily Schellhase


Sra. Ordonez


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