Welcome to Kindergarten!

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT on Wednesday, September 11th (7-9pm)

Here are some ways to help your child succeed in Kindergarten:

  • Read, read, read, read!  Any extra exposure to books and print will benefit your child.
  • Practice writing numbers or letters that were taught in class.  Look at the Phonics sheet sent home to see what we are learning.
  • Read the (consonant, vowel, consonant) words at the bottom of the Phonics sheet.
  • Play rhyming games with your child.
  • Give your child consonant, vowel, consonant words like, “bat, hog, log, fill,”  and have them practice “stretching it out.”
  • Practice the sight words that are sent home (these will come later in the year).
  • Have your child color and play with clay (clay, not Playdough).  These things will help your child if they struggle with handwriting.  Clay is more stiff when compared to Playdough (and harder to manipulate).