Have you ever noticed that our bricked courtyard does not connect all the way to the Gym as originally designed? 
Help us complete our campus with a new patio-courtyard!

*Updated Information*

PHASE I–$125K+
* Patio construction-2023
* $50K Raised from early donors 
* $25K From GlobalFest live auction
* $25K Committed by School Board
As of May 2023, $100K has been raised toward our goal of 125K+.
Once we have funded the 4,000 Sq. Ft. Patio we will begin Phase II & Phase III:
* Pergola & seating area
* Shrine with Statue

This school legacy project
will be used for school ceremonies, events,
gatherings, lunch and more!
All funds raised at our Global Fest Live Auction
Will go towards the courtyard patio project!

Please contact Hall Miller with any ideas for donations or help to move this project forward. 
Email Mr. Miller