Welcome to our Band Program

MOG School has a wonderful school Archdiocesan Band Program for Grades 4 – 8.

Students meet with Ms. Aylward every Monday morning to practice their instruments and prepare for performances.

Our School Band regularly receives awards at diocesan-wide competitions.

Learning an instrument conveys so many benefits, including:

  • A life-long appreciation for the language of music
  • The enhancement of cognitive abilities, including memory
  • The development of social and time-management skills
  • The achievement of both individual and collective goals
  • The reinforcement of ethical habits

The most important reason to learn an instrument, of course, is for the sheer love of making music, but research also shows that musicians are often at the top of their classes. The hard work and discipline required to be a musician provide a blueprint for success in all other endeavors, including academics and athletics. Few things integrate the mind and the spirit like music, and neuroscience shows us that anyone can be a musician, regardless of perceived Ability!

Tuition: $400 per semester for 2 semesters or $80 per month in 10 installments. There is a family rate for two or more children A registration fee of $35 per student or $70 max. per family is also required.

To help defray the cost of participating in the music program, the Archdiocese and Mother of God School will offer three half-tuition scholarships.

Students in 4th – 8th grade may apply for a Mother of God School scholarship, while the archdiocese awards scholarships to students in the 5th – 8th grade.

To apply for scholarships: Complete single application for all scholarships.

Questions about the Band Program? Email Ms. Aylward         

Sign-up at the ADW Band Program Page