The Boy Scouts of America is a nationally organized youth group for boys in grades 1 through 12, with age-appropriate activities at each level. Scouting is about Faith, Family, Service, and Fun.

Mother of God School sponsors Cub Scout Pack 318 for 1st through 5th grade boys and Boy Scout Troop 318 for 6th through 12th grade boys.

Troup 318 Photo

Pastor prays with Scouts

The Cub Scouts meet at 7:30 PM the third Friday of every month in the gym, while the Boy Scouts meet every Monday evening at 7:30 PM.​

Contact Information (all are or have been School parents or staff):

Cub Scouts:

Mr. John Zarroli

Mrs. Asaya Smith

Boy Scouts:

Mr. Mark Murphy

Mr. Brent Barnes

Mr. Lee Yoritomo

Girl Scouts:

Mrs. Kathleen Hurley