Mother of God School is Proud to be Able to Provide Continuity of Learning for Our Students

As students across Montgomery County grapple with a sudden interruption to their schooling due to school closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mother of God School was able to quickly shift to an online learning model that empowered teachers to employ strategies and utilize online learning platforms quickly, in an effort to minimize disruption to their normal daily routines.
By equipping each student in the Middle School with a Chromebook to take home, and ensuring that each of their students were able to access the internet, Mother of God School faculty have been able to connect face-to-face with each student in their class and continue lessons and discussions.
Because of the small class sizes, teachers were able to communicate directly with parents on an individual level to provide lessons and support. Parents were able to ask questions and get guidance on how to adjust to overseeing the day to day schedule of learning, while the teachers were able to maintain their role as educator, ensuring that assignments were completed well, and turned in according to a reasonable deadline.
Due to the nimble and flexible nature of a small, independent school, students at Mother of God School have the ability to continue learning in a structured and measured way, with oversight and direction, as well as personal, human interaction albeit via video. Students can expect to finish the year well, whatever comes, and progress to the next grade level when, hopefully, we can resume normal daily in-classroom interactions in the Fall.
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